1- Individual entry fee:

The tournament fee is € 35,00 per person with a the package (Hotel+tournament) or € 55,00 per person for each category without the package.

Registration deadline Monday 4 May at 20:00 or at any time as soon as the tournament is full.

You have to be a BVAW member to participate at one of our event. If you’re not a member yet you can apply for a year membership also on the BVAW Sky

2- International tournament 2×2 M/W – International tournament 2×2 Mixed – International 4×4 Mixed

Will be played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (check-in deadline Thursday 8:30 hs. for the 4×4 mixed tournament, Friday 8:30 hs. for the 2×2 Mixed tournament and Saturday 8:00 hs. for the women and men tournaments.

The tournament is open to athletes of every age and skills, divided in the categories 2×2 men, 2×2 women, 2×2 mixed, and 4×4 mixed with the chance to use eventual substitute players.

The playing formula for every tournament will have a qualification round playing the Round Robin system with pools of four/five teams. First 2 teams of every pool will play in the GOLD BRACKET and the rest will play in SILVER BRACKET. Once again, every bracket will have a qualification round playing the Round Robin system with pools of four/five teams.

At the end of the 2nd qualification round there will be a provisional ranking based on the point average ratio obtained in the qualification games. The teams with the best point average ratio will pass to the final round.
The final round will be played with single elimination system until the final games in both brackets. The refereeing will be carried out, in rotations, by the same participants according to a detailed program of competition, which will be given to players at the time of check-in.

3 – Check-in

The check-in service will be at the Organization’s tent located at the venue, starting Wednesday from 14:00 to 19:30 hs.
Check-in deadline will be : Thursday at 8:30 for the 4×4 mixed tournament, Friday at 8:30 for the 2×2 mixed tournament and Saturday at 8:00 for women and men tournaments.
⚠️⚠️Each player have to check-in as everyone have to sign the mandatory disclaimer⚠️⚠️

At the Check in you will have all the information about the tournament, the entertainment activities and your playing jersey.

4 – Technical information and Tournament starting time

⚠️⚠️Due of the number of the participants and the number of courts : this year each Player will receive before the tournaments via his registration mail the Technical informations concerning the competition, the venue, our partnerships and of course the Beach parties. So we will not have a Technical meeting before the tournament ⚠️⚠️

The first match will be start at:
– Thursday for the 4×4 mixed at 9:30 – Official warm up at 9:00
– Friday for the 2×2 mixed at 9:00 – Official warm up at 8:30
– Saturday for the 2×2 women and men at 8:30 – official warm up at 8:00

5- Refund


6- Important notes

All the athletes registered through this Entry Form, accept the BVAW GENERAL PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS  :

Declare to have read, understood and accepted the playing rules (download from website www.bvaw.org) , and to free and to exonerate the organization, the sponsors and partners from every civil or penal responsability for any loss or theft of personal belongings and for any accident and/or damage of any nature that could happen or have caused during the time of the event to the participants themselves;
To grant to the organization the complete authorization to use photos, films and other communication instruments, for every way of publicity, promotion or announce, without demand any payment or any remuneration;
To consent the processing of personal data to send communications and/or advertising material from the organization or their temporary partners and/or sponsors. The given data will be always treated in the respect of the privacity law;
The participant declares that he is in good physical shape and sufficiently trained to participate in the event, and that you have no contraindications reported by a medical professional. He also claims to have a non-competitive medical certificate.

The event organization is in charge of BVAW – Beach Volley Around the World – www.bvaw.org info@bvaw.org