Foundation Mission Bambini

Helping children everyday

Dear friends, we are very happy to inform you that BVAW will participate for the next years to a charity project promoted by the Foundation Mission Bambini.

The Project, named “Heart of Children“, have as main goal to give a contribute to reduce child mortality for causes related to congenital or acquired heart diseases. It is a big opportunity for children affected by heart diseases to receive surgery in their own country.

We think that the BVAW’s People will be able to offer a contribute to promote this Campain all over the world.

We want to become ambassadors of “Heart of Children” in every our event and to involve all our “BVAW Friends”.
We always thought that you are a special persons. For this reason we are sure that we can do anything, even little, to help these little friends much less lucky of us.

The Foundation Mission Bambini will attend in every our sporting events.

We will try to do our best!

This is the the promotional video of the project:

Please, if you want, you can post this link on your Facebook profile and to share it with your friends.

Thank you very much!

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Foundation Mission Bambini

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