BVAW Development Programs

Beach Volleyball organization

The circuit Beach Volley Around the World and the organization of individual stages is realized by BVAW. However, the Beach Volley Around the World’s spirit of openness and willingness to fulfill the desire of participation of thousands of fans allows anyone with the will and the organizational ability, the possibility to bring a BVAW event in the location of origin, joining our movement.

We all have a great energy that should not be lost, actually it should be channeled, collected and raised with tempting proposals. Proposals free, open to all and based on principles of tolerance and friendship. For this reason it was born Beach Volley Around the World: a reference for individuals, groups and organizations that are looking for alternative spaces and to practice the most spectacular sport in the world: beach volley.

 BVAW is an “open” sports organization. Our management believes that this feature is the source of this innovative project.

On the one hand, the ease of contact and relationship we have been able to build over the years and, on the other, the appeal that the BVAW circuit is capable of emitting, making our movement accessible to anyone. This ease of contact and active participation BVAW makes fertile ground for many professional, for the bearers of ideas, and to stimulate new projects.

In other words Beach Volley Around the World represents the organizational support on which to converge from all over the world, energy, resources, passion and desire for active participation.

Even more, with the recent agreement with the FIVB, we created a collective point of reference capable of generating benefits for all.

Each new Promoter of the BVAW circuit will benefit from the advantages of image, economic, and development of their movement. Joining the circuit will transform its “simple” tournament in a “special event”. Its own local participants will mix with hundreds of international arrivals and, incredibly, a spontaneous multiplier effect will yield benefits of all kinds at all levels. What is interesting to note is that the transformation of a local event in an international event does not mean for the local organizer losing its identity (eg its logo or trademark) or requiring extra costs to join the BVAW tour. We think we can get the best results only by preserving and ensuring the independence and equal status with our partners.