BVAW Activities

Many activities, beautiful destinations!

During the year, we propose many activities. Prestigious and beautiful destinations are the places we choose to offer always unique sport experiences.

BVAW – Beach Volley Around The World

Beach Volleyball fans around the world will have the opportunity to play at the SWATCH FIVB World Tour’s inspirational venues and learn from the stars following the signing of a partnership agreement between the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Beach Volley Around the World (BVAW).

The new initiative will see BVAW feature at SWATCH FIVB World Tour events in the form of a three-day amateur Beach Volleyball tournament using the same facilities as the SWATCH FIVB World Tour, allowing Beach Volleyball fans of all ages, sizes and expertise to play in an amateur tournament at the venues of the world famous SWATCH FIVB World Tour events.

In addition to a fun-filled tournament, BVAW will also offer free clinics – led by SWATCH FIVB World Tour professionals – concerts and tourism opportunities.

Amateur tournaments

The most amusing tournaments in different categories 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 male, female and mixed. The competitions are open to everybody, and even who doesn’t have a team or wants to complete it, could put his own request in the messages area to get in contact with other people with the same needs. The tournaments are part of the International Amateur Circuit BVAW-FIVB (Beach Volley Around the World).

Training camps for professionals

The BVAW structures have been chosen by the best athletes of the F.I.V.B World Tour for their pre-season trainings.

Amateur camps

Tenerife, Mallorca and the italian coasts are the venues for our all-year amateur camps. You can come with your sporting group or with your friends for a different vacation.

Meetings and exhibitions with the purpose of charity

To us, the occasion of a big meeting is an important time also to help who spend his own life and his own time trying to improve the conditions of many children in extremely poverty situation and in constant danger. Foundation Mission Bambini is an independent organization working all over the world with important support projects and programmes in the forgotten areas of the planet. The chidhood violated by wars, hunger and deseases must be fighted by everyone of us with an active support, with the spreading of a peace and tolerance culture and, above all, in the emergency, through the participation in the economic support programmes of reliable and competent organizations. To take part in our activities means to know, even in a moment of happiness and entertainment, what is going on not far from our peace.